This Shar-Pei Is Tricking People Into Thinking He’s A Scrunched-Up Blanket

By Stephen M

There are times we misjudge one thing for something else. But have you ever mistaken a dog for a blanket before? That is the illusion this Shar-Pei dog called Harvey creates in your mind. The six months old dog has become an internet sensation for looking like a scrunched-up blanket.

Harvey’s owner, Teresa Moll Argiumbau, speaks fondly of her pet and says his skin and wrinkles are perfect for cuddling. Speaking to Splitspics UK, she said the dog’s giant double chin and wrinkles are what she loves most of him. Harvey has enjoyed the best of love and care since he was little. He receives a special personal spa every two days from Teresa, coupled with other daily routines.

Photo credit: Harvey.thesharpei/Splitpics UK

Harvey was born in Menorca, Spain, on October 9th and currently lives with his mother, Chloe. His two other siblings have been adopted into a new home. He was born with a bad vision, and therefore his early days were challenging. Bad eyesight is prevalent with Shar Pei’s, and they mostly need medical staples to clutch the skin around their eyes for clear vision. However, Harvey had lots of skin around the eye, which made the medical staple ineffective. As a result, he developed an infection in the eyes and could not see for two months. Teresa said it took a hardworking vet to treat the condition.

Photo credit: Harvey.thesharpei/Splitpics UK

The vet stitched the skin around Harvey’s eyes and also administered antibiotics to improve his sight. The vet adjusted the stitches every week to improve the condition. It took Harvey five months to see clearer. Teresa recounts that her pet was afraid to move around since any movement resulted in him bumping into something.

Taking Care of Shar Pei

Photo credit: Harvey.thesharpei/Splitpics UK

Shar Peis originates from the Far East. Originally, they had fewer skin wrinkles, but breeders have manipulated them to have more wrinkles. This has made taking care of them more difficult. You always need to keep the folds moisturized and also check for infections to avoid diseases. Teresa uses any chance she gets to teach others how to care for the pet. Her videos of Harvey are not meant for views and likes only but also to educate owners.