Artist Tactoon Turns Classic Cat Moments Into Loveable Cartoons

By Louise P

In ancient times, cats ruled over the Egyptians. Today, they still dominate humans by taking over the internet with all their crazy and kooky antics. We simply never grow tired of an iconic cat picture, and we give you full permission to flood our inboxes with appropriate cat content. The artist, Tactoon, shares our love for felines and has created a series of adorable cartoons based on some of the most hilarious cat images on the internet. “Basically, I just love to draw funny things, especially with cartoon style. For my reference, I always love to see a children’s book, to be honest, cause they are so full of joy, and I’m so happy with that,” Tactoon said. Let’s have a look at some of the best renditions Tactoon has whipped up and reminisce about some of the most iconic cat pics on the web.

All images courtesy of @tactooncat on Instagram.

Our Kind of Kitten

We all know the feeling. It’s Sunday night; the weekend has been both too long and too short at the same time. You decide to take a stroll to get some crisp night air and find a box. It has those magical words written on the side: free kittens.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

This cat gets it. I guess you could say he has just experienced a cat-astrophic weekend. What is this tiger doing here, and why is he the last one to get picked up? This reminds us of the opening scenes of Oliver and Company.

Birthday Blues

“Alexa, play “It’s My Party” by Lesley Gore.” We get it; not everyone takes aging well. No one ever gifts you that you actually want. Where is that trip to Aruba you’ve been asking for?! Is it even your birthday if you don’t cry?

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

We’d be disappointed too if our human gave us more humdrum cat food for our special day. Just look at those big, teary Puss in Boots eyes the artist so perfectly illustrates. This cat has clearly had a very long year of trying to hold it all together. 

Self Care Kitty

This cat is absolutely stunning! Must be all that well-deserved self-care. After all, knocking things off countertops and sleeping 20 hours a day can take a lot out of a cat. It’s so nice to see Tiger taking time out of his busy schedule to maintain that beautiful do.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

From head to toe, just look at that glow. Look good, feel good, right? The essence captured in this drawing is so stereotypical cat. “Hair at 5:00, plot world domination at 6:00.” He is so iconic, they’ve made a statue of him!

The Masked Bandit 

It was the Great Mask Shortage of 2020. Masks were scarce, and even if you could find one, humans needed a poster to remind them how to wear it properly. Luckily, Safety Director cat Shadow is here to put our confusion to rest.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

The expressions illustrated on our toon cat are spot on. And you’ve definitely seen someone wearing their mask each of these ways. Okay, maybe not as a chef’s hat, but it really works on him, even if it doesn’t look like he’s as amused by it as we are. 

KFC for Lunch

What came first, the chicken or the egg? This cat does not care. It is just happy to have two new, cute, fuzzy little buddies. Or is it actually delighted to see an easy-to-catch lunch? Either way, that grin has us saying, “Aww!”

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

The colorful playfulness and sheer joy captured in this cartoon are heart-melting. The artist did a great job making sure you could feel the happiness radiating from this fluffball. But those vampire teeth do have us questioning the cat’s intentions.


We all grew up hearing it: “Eat your vegetables!” Maybe you’ve even shared this cat’s reaction upon eating them. Yum…. Nothing like the bitterness of kale to awaken your tastebuds. This definitely isn’t Fancy Feast, but we’re proud of you for trying, kitty!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

In the artist’s depiction, you can clearly see the exact moment the lettuce hits the cat’s tastebuds, and it thinks to itself, “What have I done?” It doesn’t look like this cat will be begging for wheatgrass shots or tofu anytime soon. 

Queing Kitties

If you’ve ever been to a concert or sporting event, you’ve been in this position: the lengthy queue at the bathroom. At least, humans get a bit more privacy than this poor Calico. Still, we feel the pain; cross your paws and do a little dance, kitties. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

The drawing so beautifully captures the guy’s frustration in the litter box. Who wants their friends watching and rushing them in this situation? Rude. It is so well done you can almost hear the patient felines tapping their little toe beans in anticipation, or is that just us?


Remember when the turn of the millennium was coming, and people were preparing for the Y2K bug? Good times. Not everyone fell into the hysteria, though. Especially this cat. His advice: give him the pen and put off what could have been done today until the new year.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

This cat makes that pen (and procrastination) look awfully delicious. The artist portrays our naughty feline so perfectly with his mischievous eyes and evident effort to make sure its human gets absolutely nothing done. Typical cat style. We expected nothing less.

Maybe She’s Born With It…

Imagine opening your bathroom door to what appears to be a brutal scene, but this cutie is staring back at you with piercing blue eyes that ask, “Am I beautiful?” After a moment of panic, you look over to see your mutilated $20 lipstick is the victim.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

This kitten is still waiting for an answer. Honestly, the deep red shade compliments the pale blue eye color and snow-white fur a little too well. That innocent expression, well, that’s a face you cannot stay mad at. You are beautiful, kitty!

In the Mood For Murder

It’s usually the felines that are the fierce might hunters. But this poor guy got hunted by his own prey. Okay, this scene looks to have escalated very quickly. Apparently, this cat was in the wrong part of the concrete jungle.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

The animated take on this situation shows our cat looking a bit more exasperated than the original image, but we still see it. It’s not even that a lizard bite is painful. It’s the damage to his street cred that this cat is thinking about.

Kissing Kitties

This is it. The moment finally happens when your crush kisses you for the first time. Butterflies are fluttering in your stomach. Your heart starts to pound a little faster. Before you know it, the kiss is over, and you’re standing there smiling.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

A first kiss is way cuter on kittens. The same reactions in real life are still so distinctly visible in this cartoon. Actually, they’re better. The artist totally nailed this from the outright surprise to the unadulterated happiness. We’re rooting for this adorable dynamic duo.

Aqua Cat

It’s called doggy paddle for a reason. Clearly, this cat didn’t get the memo. It looks like he jumped off the water taxi to high tail it to his beach bungalow. There must be an ice-cold meow-jito waiting for him.  

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

The darker colors in the artist’s version share a slightly more ominous story – giving off an almost Loch Ness kitty vibe. Don’t let this mysterious, clawed Nessie keep you out of the waters. We’re pretty sure this water-loving cat is also an urban legend now.


Sure, everyone sounds like Celine Dion when they’re alone. But this fearless feline doesn’t care who hears. Her confidence exudes her and she wants you to hear her belt out “Ave Maria.” Grab a seat and listen to her not so purr-fect pitch. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

We don’t know if it’s the way she holds that imaginary microphone or how she literally puts her back into it, but we’re groupies now. The way her soul and passion are depicted in this drawing makes us a huge fan of the artist as well. 

Caught red-pawed

If there’s one thing we learned about cats from movies, it’s that they love milk. These hungry cats are enjoying the freshest you can find! But they’re taking “farm to table” to a whole new level. They couldn’t even make it to the table. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

Those are some starving mouths. The excitement is evident in the wide, eager eyes of the cats in the artist’s rendition. These kitties hit the jackpot, and they know it! Time to drink up before they get caught! Oops, too late.

The old ball and chain

There is so much wrong with this photo, yet, we can’t look away! This cat is blissfully unaware of what he is doing, and we are pretty sure he is sitting with a big fat grin on his face at the other end of the bottom cat.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

Yet, there is something utterly endearing about the cartoon rendering. How is it possible that this act of kitty-ridiculousness could possibly look so cute? Maybe this is the ultimate display of love, and we have been doing it wrong all this time!

The Scream

We don’t know if we should laugh or fear for our lives because this cat looks ready to claw your eyes out and cute you to death! “Beware, human, I am the embodiment of all evil,” he tries to convince us. It’s not working, buddy.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

We think black cats get a bad rap thanks to “bad luck” and all that nonsense, and they need some redemption. This cartoon is a good start, though! They are just as cute, cuddly, and murderous as any other cat.

Kill Me Now

Life is handing this poor floof a whole bag of lemons at a time, and our hearts are just breaking for him. His face says it all! “Can we just end it all now, please?” Hang in there, bro! There are treats to be had and revenge to plan.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

If the dog using the cat as a chew toy isn’t enough, another kitty adds insult to injury. The little one is enjoying this humiliation way too much. Don’t worry, dude; karma is a cold-hearted lady. His day will come too!

Queen of Our Hearts

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you break the internet. You take one irresistibly adorable animal, give it a fat little face, and add an inexplicable fur pattern (or three) into the mix, and you have the queen of the netizens!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

There is just something about the little white mustache that kind of looks like buck teeth that ultimately puts this picture in another class of excellent. And that little cock of the head tells us this bucket of fluff knows exactly how charming she is.

Derp Cat

Okay, we can’t all be good at life. Some things are harder for some people (or cats) than others. But we honestly didn’t think drinking water would be one of those activities reserved for an exceptionally talented group of individuals! Well, color us surprised.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

Credit goes to the artist who was able to capture the essence of derp so perfectly exemplified by this little tabby. We really hope it has learned to drink properly by now, or somewhere out there is one mighty thirsty kitty!

Merry Catmas

The pun-game on this image is STRONG! We will try and restrain ourselves. But seriously, all we want for Christmas is this cat! The least we can get is a Christmas card with this kooky image on it, please! Someone?

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

How did its humans even get this far? We can barely get a collar on a cat. Tell us your secrets! If we are judging by kitty’s eyes, though, we think a little leafy green friend might have something to do with it…

Hit the Cat Walk

In the background, we can hear mama June hollering: “Work it, Fluffy!”. But this kitty looks destined for more runway success than Honey Boo Boo. This cat is hawt, and it knows it, ready to claw her way to the top via the catwalk. Just look at that flawless strut!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

They say that black is a very slimming color in fashion, and this cat’s fur Haute Cat-ture ensemble will be all the rage next season. We wonder if the Hadid’s would be willing to take a few tips from this kitty.

Double Trouble

We genuinely hope this owner wasn’t under the influence when walking in on this scene because this can seriously do your head in. Is it melted? Is it morphing? Has there been a uranium leak nearby? Don’t worry; it’s all just smoke and mirrors.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

This cat could be a contender for “Penn & Teller: Fool Us,” where it could try and bamboozle the two sneaky magicians. Because this still looks like magic to us, no matter which way you look at it! Excuse us, why don’t we try switching our brains off and on again.

Transformer Cat

There is something to be said about the unshakable spirit of animals. This little guy can’t use his back legs, but he looks ready to tackle the world with his makeshift wheels. We can barely get out of bed in the morning at the sight of a slight inconvenience.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

We can all take a note from the cat’s book on bravery. As Shia Lebouf so infamously said: “Just do it!” Can someone please cue “Ridin'” by Chamillionaire so that Snowflake can make his grand entrance? “They see me rollin’…”

Resting Derp Face

You know those moments when your brain just stops working? Basically experiencing “the blue screen of death” (we are looking at you, Windows) but in your brain? This cat perfectly embodies that moment when nothing comes in and nothing goes out.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

But something tells us someone has been looking a bit too deep in the catnip bag again. Maybe it’s time for intervention rather than a factory reset. “Kitty, we are all here because we love you, and the nipping has got to stop.”

No, Mom!

This poor cat is the poster child for social anxiety, and he is officially our new spirit animal. We feel like this 90% of the time. Who are we kidding; 100% of the time. This cat knows now for sure that it is meant to be a house cat.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

No more outside for me, thank you very much! Outside has danger. Outside has accidents. Outside has people. Can someone get this cat a one-way ticket back home, please? Or better yet, can we get it an emotional support animal?

True Friendship

We will just call these two John and Paul because they know how to get by with a little help from their friends. We really don’t hope this is how curiosity killed the cat! Maybe you two should leave the peeping to the big kitties.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

The poor gingy at the bottom doesn’t look too happy about this arrangement, though. We have a sneaky suspicion this is the first and last time he will be playing stepstool for his friend. What could possibly have been so interesting to go through all this effort?

Dram(c)atic Much?

By the looks of it, this guy is auditioning for the role of Simba and doing a pretty good job. This gives us Mufasa plummeting to his death realness, and we don’t think we are ready to face our childhood demons yet. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

But can we cut back on the drama for a moment, please? Nothing could possibly be so bad that THIS needs to be your reaction. Can you just imagine the chaos if humans reacted the way cats do all the time?

The Paw-ricle

We are both intrigued and terrified at the same time by this cat. This is how we imagine a conversation going: “Tell us, o wise one, what do you see in our future?” “Probably murder if you don’t start giving me more treats.”

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

The cat is so majestic, though, we struggle to look away. He was probably enjoying the toastiness of the globe on his little noggin. His face is literally saying: “Yes, I have my head in the lamp; what’s it to you?”

Worship Me!

Bastet is the known Egyptian deity depicted with the body of a woman and the head of a cat. This goddess was the daughter of Isis and Ra, the sun god. She was the protector of her father and also of the Pharoah.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

This cat is channeling all the Bastet energy it can muster! It has clearly not gotten the message that humans don’t worship cats THAT much anymore. Okay, most humans; we, on the other hand, follow them around like enslaved zombies.

Demon Cat

Again with the mind games and trickery! Cats with their weirdly liquid bodies and love for sitting in strange places just messes with our brains entirely. Is it one cat or two? Must we call a vet or an exorcist? 

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

As cats say (or we imagine they say): “If it fits, I sits.” Well, like us humans like to say, “two heads are better than one,” so reveal yourself and stop messing with our minds! Excuse us while we just take a moment to calibrate our vision.

Long Boi

$10 says the first thing you thought of when seeing this picture was: “Jack, I want you to draw me like one of your French girls.” The Heart of the Ocean necklace would look pretty nice on this cat too!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

Is it only us, or are the white dots on the cat’s belly particularly well placed for this pose? Everything about this cat says, “I have no shame, and I am happy to flaunt it.” If we had a body like that, we would show it off too!

Bubble Boy

Ever wonder what an astronaut kitty would look like? Probably not like this, but we can dream, can’t we? Do you think he would like to travel to the…MILKY WAY! Bu dum tsss. We do not apologize for that awful joke.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

This cat is also giving us “SpongeBob visiting Sandy” vibes. We would also love to have seen their reaction when that mighty bubble popped. Pretty sure it was met with tons of confusion and probably a cute little jump too.

Reptile Wrestling

Half of us let out a little yelp when we see a lizard or a gecko, while the other half of the population rolls their eyes, not understanding our perpetual fear. Well, here you go! What about the day that the lizards decide to fight back?

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

That day is closer than you might think, and this poor cat has already had a little taste of the action. And from what we see, we don’t think we will like it. Nice to know that cats won’t help when that day comes. Why do we keep them around again?

Playing Chicken

The internet is a sanctuary for weird animal friendships. A lion and a labrador, a rhino and a sheep, heck, even a chimpanzee and a tiger have been pulling on our heartstrings! But a cat and a chicken? We highly doubt this is a “friendship.”

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

That cat is probably thinking: “dinner is on me, folks, literally!” That chicken is no chicken, though. He must not have a scared feather on his body. Because there is murder in that cat’s eyes, and he will be licking his lips sooner than later.

Crazy Cat

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what you get if Gene Simmons were a cat. That tongue goes on for days, and there is a pure menace in his eyes. This cat is best known for its hit rock single “Detroit Rock Kitty.”

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

We obviously have another candidate for the Catnippers Annonymous meetings right here. We can almost fill a whole meeting from this list of cats already! Why would cats need a substance to cope, though? Their lives are pretty darn easy from the looks of it.

Agony In All Forms

There are quite a few possibilities that could have led up to this photo; let’s unpack a few of them. Option A; someone cut open a durian close by, and one cat is a little more disgusted than the other. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

Option B; the cat is about to sneeze. Option C; he just stubbed his pinky toe on a table. Option D; the front cat just farted. It could also be all of the above, in which case, our thoughts and prayers are with you, kitty.


There are a few reasons your cat would be mad at you, but taking them to a day at the beach might just top that list. What was this human thinking? No, your cat will not want to frolic in the waves or build a sandcastle.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

So we completely understand why this cat is less than willing to smile for a photo. That cat is telling you to get out of there, so you’d better comply. Or you should be sleeping with one eye open from now on!

Mom, People Are Looking!

Did you even live in the 90s if you don’t have a dorky school photo with a cowlick middle part of some sort? Our moms just thought this was just too adorable, and now we are paying the price. Literally. Therapy is expensive!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

This poor guy also seems to hear the haunting laughs of the cooler cats as he sports this less than flattering do. Don’t worry, kid, just ruff it back up when mom’s not looking. Next week there will be a bigger loser around to take the heat off you.

Boop the Floof

In Tiger King, we learned that the murder-for-hire plot to kill Carole Baskins involved a wire spanning across her bike path that was to decapitate her as she peddled past. But this is kind of more what we imagined that would have looked like.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

She peddles so slowly it would have been more of a stumble than a full decapitation. Luckily this cat was also just taking a leisurely stroll, and his unfortunate mishap was more of a boop than a full-on yeet into next year.

Did I Do That?

And this is why we can’t have nice things. This cat clearly doesn’t understand the price of Apple chargers. What do you think? Is it more of a hazard to have kids around or kittens? Who is more of a financial hazard?

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

We already hear that screen cracking as it tumbles to the ground. But this also begs the question, why is the human taking photos instead of stopping inevitable destruction? Perhaps they need a good scare to get them to act faster next time.


These two solemnly swear that they are up to no good. You might even say they shouldn’t let the cat out of the bag! Clearly, the younger cat still needs to learn a thing or two about secrets because snitches get stitches, as they say.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

What kind of secret would a cat keep, though? Where are the bones buried? Perhaps they know the answer to the universe and everything. Or maybe they just don’t want you to understand who shoved the glass off the table.


This cat is trying super hard not to be suspicious, but it is failing dismally. Those eyes are a dead giveaway! More mischief is underfoot, and we are ready to know what it is. Do you think we can bribe it to spill the beans with a treat?

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

By the looks of it, the cat is trying to sneak out unnoticed or help itself to a little extra nip, if you know what we’re saying. Tactooncat has perfectly captured this cat’s curious spirit with a few masterful strokes. 


If there are two things, we know about cats, it is that they love their catnip and show off their epic skills. This cat looks like he has gone 2 for two and is living his best life as a kung fu master.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

Or this is perhaps an interpretive dance about the cat life. Kind of like Cats but a solo act. We don’t know how you feel, but we would pay top dollar to see this show from the front row. Move aside, “Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy!”


As we just mentioned, cats love flaunting their unmentionables in our faces, so we get a little gratification from it when there is the off chance we get to make them feel uncomfortable. This cat is clearly having an extra tough time on the potty, made even more difficult by its human’s prying eyes.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

Well, maybe the cat will think twice before gracing us with their butt presence next time. As for the bathroom problems, we suggest you lay off the mice for a while and kit the kibble. Much more fiber! Good luck, buddy!

Holy Cat

Cats are crazy, kooky, murderous, lazy, and spiteful. But above all else, cats are holy and must be worshiped by all who walk on two legs. And also four legs, or more. Cats make our lives a million times better, and for that, we thank them.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/ @tactooncat

This perfectly timed photo shows us yet again how close to godliness cats really are, and Tactooncat has perfectly personified it even more. Don’t look so surprised little guy; you know you are fabulous, now own it! Long live cats!