Comical Animal Posts That Show Just How Endlessly Entertaining They Can Be

By Farah J

Who here believes that animals are much more capable of making us laugh and feel better than humans? We sure do. And honestly, we’ve witnessed more cases of humans turning to cute animal videos to lighten up their mood than we have of humans going to other humans. Animals have that power! And it doesn’t even matter if you are in a bad mood or not; our favorite animals are always there for us, for better or worse. We love it when humans decide to share animals’ cuteness that they got to witness on the internet; we all need it at some point of the week, no kidding! So, Tumblr users decided to make this collection of hilariously adorable pictures of animals to turn your frown upside down! 

Dog n fish reunion

Someone captured this endearing moment between a dog and koi fish, and we are grateful for it. Yet, of course, Tumblr couldn’t stand back and not create what we call an interaction between the two cutest parties. This friendship is the one we’ll always root for!

Image Source: derpastrology/tumblr

The owner brought the dog to a park with a lake that had many koi fish in it. And as soon as the dog came by the lake, he had to say hello to his little aquatic friends. It’s hilarious to imagine how these countless fish sound when meeting their dog friend.

The best receptionist

“Karen, I told you we don’t take expired vouchers or gift cards. Give me the payment in cash or card.” This dog behind the counter is the best thing we’ve seen all day. Only this receptionist is capable of handling Karens and Jessicas.

Image Source: nashscribblings/Tumblr

Notice the paws of the dog. He’s really into this stuff. He’s probably got a job as a receptionist in a parallel universe. Plus, you can’t overlook the apparent professional stance like “mister, I am doing everything I can here.”

Two types of cats

Everything about this picture has us laughing our buttocks off! What even- what is going on here? The more you look at the picture, the more hilarious it gets. Cats being cats is one of our favorite cat content ever, and nobody can change that.

Image Source: unimpressedcats/Tumblr

Two types of cats caught in one picture – one is shamelessly judging you for putting up an “ugly” picture of them on the computer. And the other one in the background looks like he’s on something and has “finally found the light.” This just cracks us up!

Caught “black-handed”

We think that animals don’t know the concept of right and wrong, good and bad. But they most certainly do. And there is way too much proof of that – animals caught red-handed doing something they aren’t supposed to be doing.

Image Source: seventeenthcenturymagic/Tumblr

Like this black devil, the guilty look on this cat’s face is so visible that it makes us cry with laughter. He knows what he’s done and is remorseful and embarrassed for being caught “black-handed” (black cat’s hands in black dirt, get it?) 

The fourth ‘dog’

We are anti-discrimination, especially when it comes to animals. And unless you teach animals to segregate between themselves and other animals, then consider yourself a bad parent. But not this guy: his dogs are happier than ever with their friend!

Image Source: officialfrenchtoast/Tumblr

Our respect for this guy is through the roof. Look at how he’s including his pig in the game of fetch with his three dogs. And honestly, we didn’t even notice at first, but one look and we went rolling on the floor because it’s as hilarious as it is cute! 

Woof and subwoofers

Dog lovers, this one is especially for you! This mother dog carrying her two little ones in a baby carrier on her back will make your day; we are sure of that. We mean, how cute is that? This human’s pet dog sure is loved and taken care of.

Image Source: canadianweeb/tumblr

How do we know? Well, you can tell by how this human created a custom baby carrier for their dog to carry her tiny ‘subwoofers’ with her wherever she goes, especially if they go on a walk! The mother won’t have to worry about her kids at home anymore.

A gorgeous ‘lion’

“Well, folks, I identify as a lion. See, I got a huge yellow mane around my head too.” This is the cutest tiger content we have ever come across, no kidding! Tigers are mostly feared and stayed away from, as they should, too. 

Image Source: barleytea/tumblr

But this tiger stole our hearts with his adorableness! He put a circular yellow float around his head, pretending to be a lion! At first, the caretakers thought he was stuck, but he was doing it on purpose. The tiger was having fun with them! 

You kidding?

Some people try to discipline their pets in the weirdest way you can imagine. No judgment; they probably do it as a last resort. Because sometimes, things just don’t get under control by just punishing the pet for ruining the furniture.

Image Source: unimpressedcats/Tumblr

This human bought a pair of furry slippers which look just like their pet cat! The look on the cat’s face is everything! The humans must’ve threatened the cat to stop scratching valuable house items, or they will turn it into this slipper. We love it when owners talk to pets like they’re humans.

Purrrfect stationery holder

Don’t you dare tell us that cats are lazy, arrogant, or no good for anything! Cats are perfect – or should we say purrrfect – for holding your stationery without any complaints. Isn’t it time for you to throw that dull and ugly mindset about cats out in the trash?

Image Source: malhereuse/tumblr

This cat’s human is the most remarkable example of putting pets to good use. They showed us that even a sleeping cat is helpful for something. Look how the ruler is standing erect between the tail like the cat knows what’s up and tries not to let its human down.

Forest puppy

It’s the cuteness that matters. Deer – the forest puppies, if you please – are such adorable animals that it’s so hard not to go all uwu in front of them! Their doe eyes steal our hearts right from under our noses. Especially when they look at you like that!

Image Source: whathumansgain/Tumblr

Let’s start a petition to stop hunting deer. These are the forest puppies. Why are humans after little puppies? Look them in the eyes and tell me you don’t see the cuteness here. We don’t know how the photographer survived this level of cuteness!


There are two types of people in this world: those who think of witches when they see a group of cats eerily sitting in a circle and those who see them as mere cats. Well, you know which one of the groups we belong to – the witches coven.

Image Source: theashleyclements/tumblr

Also, we wouldn’t be too shocked if these cats really can transform because their eyes are eerie, and their looks are giving us the creeps. Not to mention that they all look like clones of each other. It’s a coven where humans are banned – shut the door!

The odd one out

We aren’t sure how to describe the vibes of this picture – a lot is going on here. The friendship of dogs and otters is something we never knew we needed until now. We believe that most of us would find this picture living rent-free in our minds.

Image Source: liamdryden/Tumblr

The look on the dog’s face gives us a hearty laugh, and his surprise is genuine. He’s like, “uh…looks like I’m in the wrong pool” while being surrounded by otters. The shocking realization of the dog is cracking us up!

Finding Nemo

Someone said that this was the Hungarian version of Finding Nemo, and we haven’t been the same since. If you live under a rock and haven’t watched it, well, we’ll summarize it for you: the dad fish looks for his son fish, and at some point, birds enter the picture.

Image Source: scotchtapeofficial/Tumblr

“Have you seen my son?” is the most fitting statement that could ever exist for this picture. And we are smiling from ear to ear because of that! Whoever took this picture must have had great reflexes to capture this rare Finding Nemo moment.

The Lion King

Here’s a fun fact about lions – we’re here to enhance your knowledge – lions encourage their young ones by letting them bite them, and then they pretend that it hurts. If this isn’t the cutest parenting trick to boost your little one’s self-confidence…

Image Source: Tumblr.tastefullyoffensive/Tumblr

Tumblr showed up at the right time to create the script for this cutest lion parenting life. This whole thing has us cracking up! It is one thing to watch The Lion King live-action version, and it’s another thing to witness it in real life! 

I’m a bunny girl in a bunny world

If you haven’t seen bunnies in a little pink convertible Barbie car living their best life, like ever, you are missing out on so much. After seeing this picture, we can now rest in peace. Plus, this fluffy cuteness is enough to warm our hearts with purity.

Image Source: madderthanrabbits/tumblr

Also, look at the fluffy bunnies. The one in the back looks like he’s about to faint. The screaming fearful look on the bunny’s face is what we’re living for. Tumblr people give us the best content storyline behind each picture that it’s impossible not to laugh! 

Worth a try

“Hey, hooman, I brought a stick. Look, I brought a big sti- wait, why can’t I go in? I want to go in to show my victory stick to my hooman. Come on! What’s going on? I was having so much fun with the stick outside.

Image Source: best-of-tumblr/tumblr

The poor dog looks so excited to bring his stick inside that he can’t acknowledge the glass. Too excited! The huge grin on his face is worth a million dollars. The happiness of this sweet boi can be felt through the screen!

Wanna come to play, Georgie?

This looks like the horse version of the IT movie. Except it is incredibly cute and hilarious. The horse peeking out of the sewer is our new favorite place to see horses. They either look like they are selling illicit items or playing hide n seek with their other horse friends.

Image Source: kickswhipswithchicks/Tumblr

But our question is, how the heck did the whole adult horse get in there? Like in the sewer, the hole doesn’t look big enough to fit the entire body of a horse in it. Speaking of getting in, how is he going to get out of there? 


This is the most unexpected and hilarious place anyone can ever find a tiny frog. You may discover spiders or other creepy crawlies in places like keyholes and doorknobs, but a frog? Never. And the way he’s judging us for entering his territory is just crazy!

Image Source: realmonstrosities/Tumblr

Imagine putting your hand out to open a door, and a tiny frog peeks out and asks you for the secret password. The password better be “toad” to get through the door. This is the vibe this frog is throwing our way, and it’s hilarious!

A cat and a lowercase cat

Y’all are measuring the cats on a font size scale, but you cannot measure the cuteness, nor can you compare which one is cuter. Both are adorable in their own way, and it’s practically impossible not to gush with overwhelming affection for both of them.

Image Source: sofluffysoyummy/Tumblr

Apart from the eye color, they are copies of each other! Whoever has these two fluff balls at home is one of the luckiest people alive; no one can change our minds. Look at them. They know their worth! Their eyes say it all.

Bear in business class

Humans act kind of weird sometimes. We know that. But this thing surpassed that level so hard that we are left scratching our heads questioning our own decisions. Like this one: a shampoo bottle isn’t allowed to be on a plane, but a fully grown panda is?

Image Source: fighter4lyf/tumblr

Well, China and Japan have this “Panda Diplomacy” where people are allowed to bring their pandas on board for emotional support! Pandas are treated like human kids – diapers, feeders, seat belts, and bamboo sticks! If this isn’t cute, we don’t know what is.

Kill ’em with cuteness

We’ve all seen animals prey on other animals, right? That’s how the food chain works. However, the real question here is, have you ever seen an animal look so proud and happy after killing another animal in cold blood? No?

Image Source: askinnyblackman/tumblr

Well, here you go, we present to you the face of a cold-blooded killer who ate a live lizard in the bushes and had the guts to put this ecstatic face on afterward. He’s killing everyone with his cuteness, of course! Except for the lizard, though. Too soon?

The help

Okay, before you say anything, no, we’re not referring to the book “The Help” by Katherine Stockett. We’re talking about how great this good boi is with the help of house chores and putting the pressed laundry away, ignoring the fact that the iron is not plugged in.

Image Source: honey–and-tar/Tumblr

Never have we ever seen someone so jolly and excited to do house chores, especially ironing. But this fluff ball looks so proud of doing his house chores. We’re gushing with pride; it’s the intentions that matter. And the intentions here are as good as gold!

Flying pillows filled with seething hatred

Today, we would like to present to you the owl, also known as the toasted marshmallow, the flying pillow with seething hatred, the ill omen with lots of floof and hidden long legs. Whatever you want to call it, you’ll never see the owl for what it is.

Image Source: ohmygodtiss/Tumblr

Can you tell that the owl is said to be one of the deadliest predators of all? No? We can’t either. It’s so hard to accept that with those eyes looking at you like that! And not to mention all the marshmallow floof! That boss was right all along.

Excuse me?

This cat picture says a thousand words. Whoever has or ever had a pet dog or cat can relate to this picture without reading the captions or comments. It’s hilarious how accurate it is, and the caption makes it even funnier!

Image Source: setheverman/Tumblr

The face of the cat screams “excuse me” in the voice of a middle-aged woman, and we are loving the outcome! Dog owners might relate to it when they fart, and their dog makes this face. We’ve been there. All pet owners have.


You know how cats sometimes act like they know a little too much. That look makes them the most remarkable and most mysterious animal of all time. They are clever as heck. No wonder they walk in all their glory and arrogance.

Image Source: cuddlepunch/Tumblr

Like this cat who peeks over the couch at his human. No words need be said. The look in the eyes is enough to communicate his thoughts to them. The cat is like, aha! Found you, the source of the laser! As if, he just solved a mystery and is ready to tell the cat world.

Nothing to see here

Our favorite cat content is when multiple cats are in the frame doing their thing. And a single shot is enough to explain the entire depth of the picture because everything is so on point that it’s hilarious and feels unreal.

Image Source: honestlynatalie/Tumblr

Take a look at this picture, look me in the eyes, and tell me you didn’t find the baffled look on the front cat’s face mixed with surprise and anger amusing. He’s the middle man who didn’t do his job well. He’s like, nothing to see here, hooman…

Un-bear-ably adorable

This picture looks like the cartoons we used to watch in our childhood. The bear and the officer have something deeper between them, like they are homies who have inside jokes, solve mysteries together, and dance to Spice Girls in their free time.

Image Source: lemonteaflower/Tumblr

Also, the way the bear is looking at the officer like he’s going to report a crime, and the way the officer is passing the vibe check with him, it’s just un-bear-ably cute. We need to have a cartoon with these two as the main characters. 

Goat wearing sheep

Tumblr is an excellent place to hang out in your free time. But you’ll always find people who are clueless about things, like how yarn is made. This adorable pair of goat babies wearing woolen sweaters had this guy show his IQ to everyone right there.

Image Source: daily-goat/tumblr

The goat babies look so comfy and toasty – their warm, kind eyes have our affection roll down our cheeks in the form of tears. But this guy on Tumblr needs to catch up on the fact that yarn comes from sheep wool, not goatskin!

Selfie time with bestie

A hundred selfies with bestie, but only one makes it to the save folder in the gallery. And this is the one! These two adorable dogs look like they have been trying to take a good selfie the entire day, and now their facial muscles are stuck in a smile!

Image Source: baracknobama/Tumblr

Nonetheless, this is the most beautiful and iconic selfie of two dog besties we’ve ever seen. You know, when they said, “there are no pretty best friends, one of them gotta be ugly,” they weren’t talking about these two.

Nelly Furtato

This picture’s got us confused, and it looks like we weren’t the only ones. The Tumblr population was having a hard time deciding what it was, too! Well, the conclusion that they came up with was this is a “nelly furtato,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Image Source: danlhowell/tumblr

This is clearly not a cat. It’s a watermelon, a potato, a baked loaf of bread, a bowling ball, and whatnot. But the fur is the important feature here. This cat is everything but with fur. This giant ball of nelly furtato is the reason we use Tumblr now.

You’re alive!

Most of us have seen animals like lions, tigers, pandas, koalas, cats, and dogs, even birds hug or cuddle members of their species. But have you ever seen two Asian water monitors (it’s a giant varanid lizard common in South Asia) hug each other in the middle of the road?

Image Source: ibelieveinthelittletreetopper/tumblr

No? We hadn’t either until now. Now we know what we were missing out on this entire time! These two embrace each other like they are so relieved to have found each other alive and well! Tumblr didn’t hold back when making a short dialogue between the two homies.

Cheesy demon fluff

Some of you don’t see; you just look and call it a day. This little floof ball deserves more than you calling him a demon. He’s a cute little cheesy demon-like fluff with a pure silvery soul. He’s practically the size of a palm.

Image Source: thehumanbutt/tumblr

With cuteness the size of a whole universe! We’re right, are we not? This is not even a discussion to have. Its’ black fur is an aesthetic! Queso is the purrrfect name for it – a little demon with a cheese name. 

Caught at last

You’ve probably seen dogs chasing their tails, trying to catch it in their mouths, running in circles for a long time until they get tired of failing to do so. Well, hurrah! This dog caught it, and their human caught the moment on camera.

Image Source: thedailylaughs/Tumblr

But the way this dog’s face screams, “ow, it hurts. Why did I even do it, what for? What was I thinking? Now that I’ve achieved it, what do I do with it? What purpose of my life is left?” has us screaming, crying, and making tables turn with laughter!

Cats being cats

The one who does it, and the one who has to endure their doing. This is the perfect example of such a situation. One frame with two types of cats being very much themselves. Now, this is what you call major quality content.

Image Source: unimpressedcats/Tumblr

The faces of both cats are hilarious, and the Tumblr community is going for it again! They certainly didn’t disappoint us with the monologue of the cat in the front. His face shows how tired he is of the silly faces of the cat behind him! 

Baby deer

This is the tiniest baby deer we have ever seen. Even the size of a human hand looks like a giant’s in front of him. Yet, the adorableness is three times the size of Mount Everest! Deny this, and we are going to have words.

Image Source: fyeah-science-side/tumblr

The science side of Tumblr isn’t very smart, is it? Their sarcasm is on point, though. And it’s making us snort with laughter. Like, obviously it’s small because it’s a baby deer! No kidding! If the baby deer were to hear this Tumblr conversation, he’d feel offended.

A cat tree

A rare sight of a cat tree in full bloom, and it is worth a look, we promise. We don’t know what is with cats and them sitting on a slightly elevated flat surface off the ground like a loaf of bread covered with fur and just having the time of their lives up there.

Image Source: unimpressedcats/Tumblr

Look at this picture and tell us we are wrong about cats and their thing for sitting on elevated objects. This is like a coven on a cat tree, but the cats refuse to acknowledge each other’s presence. They are entirely absorbed in their own little world!

Dinosaur ride

If ‘happiness’ were a picture, this would be it. The Tumblr community is right – this is the happiest picture we have ever seen. The happiness here is so much that it’s gushing out of there and affecting us. This picture’s happiness is contagious!

Image Source: thebestoftumbling/tumblr

We bet you smiled like an idiot, too, after looking at this picture of two good buddies riding on a dinosaur’s back. This is the thing that makes our hearts bloom with warmth and affection. The smiles on the dogs’ faces are the purest of them all!

Three in one hole

*Speaking over each other* “Hey, you got any treats for us?” “Bongo, you there today, brother?” “Hello, who wants to play with us?” while the only thing the person on the other side sees is the three most adorable snouts of three different dogs.

Image Source: puppy009mod/Tumblr

Well, what else could make you smile harder in your entire day than seeing three noses poking out of a tiny hole? We’re telling you, nothing. Nothing is going to make your day better than boop-ing on all three button noses on your way to work.

Christmas sweater

We give this look when we are about to get off our vehicle to go inside our aunt’s house. Christmas sweaters, frankly, scare most of us. Because we are not used to wearing them much, we get doubtful if we look pretty in a turtleneck.

Image Source: lolpugs/tumblr

Well, we feel this dog who has the same look on his face. But we kid you not; this tiny thing looks adorable – perfect, actually – in his pretty blue knitted sweater. You are ready to rock the world around you, little one!

The Gathering: 222

We tried not to think of the horror movie The Gathering 666, but these 222 dogs gathering in a field in Scotland in front of an old church seems kind of sinister and creepy, doesn’t it? Not the dogs, but their gathering out of nowhere.

Image Source: dedalvs/Tumblr

And on top of that, all of them are golden retrievers! But if you look at them, it seems like we’re in dog heaven, and nothing is better than being at a place where 222 adorable fluff balls are running around full of energy and joy. We’re willing to look at the tranquil side here.

Bear-ing his soul

This bear is the exact representation of our life. This whole picture describes our life perfectly, and we are not even exaggerating. We feel for this adorable bear sitting as if he is overthinking and regretting all of his life decisions.

Image Source: lauracrofty/Tumblr

We would even go so far as to say that he is “bear-ing” his soul, like, he is so done with looking for a purpose in life. “Why am I here? What’s my destiny?” He seems so sad that we want to give him a huge bear hug! We feel you, brother bear. 

Flower dog

We have never seen any animal, or anyone for that matter, look happier than him when seeing a flower. This is what real happiness looks like! We are here for the little moments of joy captured on camera. He’s guided his way to our hearts!

Image Source: slmnbagel/Tumblr

Honestly, these are the things that restore our faith in the beauty of this world. After a stormy, stressful day, all you need is something to cheer you up when you come back home. We recommend going through dog pictures and videos. You’re welcome.

Oversized cat

If you think that tigers sitting on a countertop in the kitchen eating raw meat directly from a bowl is something you have never seen but want to, well, here you go. Feast your eyes on this glorious oversized striped cat!

Image Source: michaelblume/Tumblr

We can’t tell if this tiger is too huge or if the humans have shrunk in size because this wild cat is gigantic! We’d most likely wet our pants at its sight in our kitchen. The cuteness is overloaded, but we don’t want to be feasted upon, sorry.

Defensive mode: on

“You dare call me stupid? Whatever forgiveness is, it is a nice thing to do. Wait, you dare call my cat stupid and throw hate towards her? Get ready to face my wrath now, you bully!” You’d relate to this if you are a cat person or have a pet cat.

Image Source: iwannapushyourdaisies/Tumblr

If you don’t get defensive toward your cat, you don’t love her enough. This picture is the epitome of what defending your pet should look like! Don’t say it is an exaggeration. It isn’t. If you don’t go up to level 100 for her, you don’t deserve that cat!

Tiny scream

This is motherhood, dealing with a crybaby as soon as they are out of your womb. The mother of the newborn puppy feels the same. Her horrified expression, “wait, I have to deal with that scream every day?” has us rolling over the floor!

Image Source: ryllaby/Tumblr

But that little scream is seen as the most adorable thing in the human world. Mother dog must love her creation, but there are always times when the parents get overwhelmed with all the crying and screaming, right? Adorable, but we feel for the mother.