Unlikely Best Friends: Two Dogs And Magpie

By Anthony K

The animal kingdom is full of surprises that may include forming the most unlikely friendship bonds between prey and predator. A magpie and two dogs recently stirred mixed reactions after proving the existence of a deep bond.

Photo Credits: Juliette Wells

Molly the magpie, Peggy the Staffordshire bull terrier, and Ruby the pup are together for most of the day at their Queensland home. The trio enjoys naps, singing/barking, and outdoor adventures in each other’s company, not requiring much to have a great time.

Molly and Peggy met a couple of years back when Juliette Wells and her partner, Reece, came across the abandoned baby bird at a dog park during the magpie breeding season. The couple was concerned about the lonely bird and waited for hours for its parents to return, but it didn’t.

The couple brought the magpie back home and contacted the wildlife rescue. None of the organizations would take in the bird but offered Juliette and Reece relevant guidance on caring for the lonely bird, and they were glad it decided to stay.

Peggy was initially unsure how to handle the baby bird, but it wasn’t long before they forged a new friendship. Molly used social media to share the unusual sweet relationship brewing under their supervision and received attention from various followers.

Photo Credits: Juliette Wells

The challenges include Molly’s aggressiveness during the magpie mating season and Peggy’s protectiveness of Ruby. Juliette and Reece ensure things remain calm by giving each animal ample space to interact with their kind.

Molly gets more outdoor time with other wild birds while the dogs spend some time by themselves in and outside the house. The trio is all over Instagram, where Juliette and Reece share regular updates. They also sell their own custom calendars to remind followers that love can be found in the most unexpected places.