The Vet Life: 35+ Snaps Proving Why Vets Are Livin’ the Dream

By Liezel L

Veterinarians hit the jackpot in the luck department. Why, you ask? Because they get to hang out with the most lovable and charming critters every single day! They’re basically the superheroes for these furry pals, fixing up their boo-boos and making them feel better. Sure, not every patient waltzes in wagging their tail—some really dislike those prickly needle moments. But when your fluffy friend eats something odd, or your fur baby comes home with a hobble, guess who’s the go-to guru?

Like other jobs, however, the vet life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. There are plenty of heartaches and challenges, too. But, at the end of it all, it can be incredibly rewarding. Just check out these moments, and you’ll understand why.

The Healing Power of Pets

While your furry pals might occasionally push your buttons with their mischievous antics, what many of us overlook is their incredible ability to alleviate our pain and distress. Often unnoticed, our pets possess a superpower—they have this amazing knack for easing our suffering without us even realizing it.

image courtesy of equivocal20/ Reddit

Behold this vet! After pulling an all-nighter at work, her boyfriend stumbled upon this adorable scene in the morning. It seems like all their furry companions gathered around her, trying to offer warmth and comfort. The dog even played the role of a perfect pillow, allowing her to rest on his cozy body.

Behold A Noble Beast

Tending to animals isn’t a walk in the park. Vets definitely feel the strain after dealing with case after case, day in and day out. But let’s bet any vet’s tired spirits would soar at the sight of this comical pup with its hilariously goofy expression!

image courtesy of TravisArthurNichols/ Reddit

So, this dog went in for treatment and supposedly received a “mild” sedative. But was it really mild? It’s quite a departure from the majestic creature he usually is, and we’re not sure he’ll easily forgive this. Fingers crossed he doesn’t catch sight of his snapshots!


Should someone receive a lapful of adorable puppies and not crack a smile like this lady, take heed and bolt! Trusting that person might be a risky move. After all, who on earth could resist such an overwhelming dose of furry, fluffy cuteness?

image courtesy of lava-lamp/ Reddit

This is the part that almost every dog lover secretly covets about being a vet—it’s like stepping into paradise. It’s not just heaven; it’s the ultimate remedy for loneliness, sadness, and almost every negative emotion out there. These puppies have a magical power to simply melt away all those feelings.

Sphere of Shame

Given that animals can’t articulate themselves as clearly as humans, they express themselves through claws, paws, and teeth. Hence, it’s understandable that vets face a lot in their line of work. However, it doesn’t mean they allow animals to intimidate them or succumb to fear.

image courtesy of Ruckus1237/ Reddit

This cat appears to have been quite a mischievous kitty. How can we tell? Well, the vets skipped the cone and went straight for the sphere of shame. It must have been quite the troublemaker. Judging by its expression, it seems determined to seek revenge once that sphere comes off.


We all know that our pets can make pretty unique and hilarious facial expressions without meaning to. However, we think they make the absolute best ones at the vet. And the vets know it well. Just take a look at this fluffy boy.

image courtesy of twoyenfee/ Reddit

He looks completely out of it, and understandably so. This guy was just neutered, and this was the precise moment he began to regain consciousness. His vet thought it’d be a great idea to capture the moment and share it with his owner. Frankly, we couldn’t agree more!

The Most Wholesome Hug

Few individuals dare to approach these enormous birds, and with valid reason. They’re known to be quite territorial, especially when they have chicks to protect—they’ll go to great lengths to defend their young. However, this picture reveals a different aspect of their nature.

image courtesy of KittyMathafurrkah/ Imgur

The vet saved this swan’s life. And while people may think that animals can’t show or feel gratitude, this proves just the very opposite of that. They know how to show their thankfulness just like we do. And it’s one of the purest moments on Earth.

The Cutest Receptionist

If there ever was a competition for the best or cutest receptionist ever, this boy would win the prize, hands down. Not only is he just plain adorable, but we think he’s also the best boy and does what everybody needs him to do (with treats, of course).

image courtesy of 70ms/ Reddit

Just look at him. How can anyone not be pleasant towards that adorable face? He even has his own sign. And he just looks so ready to be the best boy in the area. We would absolutely trust him to make all our appointments any day!

No Touchy

Similar to humans, the majority of pets aren’t exactly thrilled about visiting the vet. They enjoy treats, attention, and being praised as good boys and girls, but beyond that, the vet’s office isn’t high on their list. They often devise various tactics to dodge a trip to that place.

image courtesy of Cavalier4Beer/ Reddit

It appears this cat is employing a strategy: if he can’t see the vet, maybe the vet won’t see him either. As cute as this tactic is, nothing can stop vets from carrying out their duties, especially when it comes to ensuring this kitty gets to enjoy all nine lives to the fullest.

Tiny Heartbeats

We all have an idea of how vets listen to heartbeats for average-sized pets, right? But have you ever wondered how they do it for the tiniest pets? Apparently, this is how. If the pet is less than five grams, they simply let them sit on the stethoscope. 

image courtesy of xv-Vicious/ Reddit

We have to say, it does make sense since there are no stethoscopes made specifically for these little guys. It’s also the most adorable sight ever! Just look at that little guy chilling over there. One can only imagine how adorable their heartbeats must sound, too.

Swag Cone

One of the soft skills that most vets need is resourcefulness. In their line of work, there can be many surprises and unpredictable things, so they need to be able to come up with a temporary solution when needed, just like in this case.

image courtesy of cplog991/ Reddit

This adorable kitty just got spayed. Sadly, there were no cones available that were small enough for it. So the vet had to be resourceful and creative, and voila! We have to say, they made the right call with that one. It is an entire mood indeed.


What is one way to tell that your dog loves the treat you’re giving them? If they put all their life and soul into catching that tiny piece of morsel every time you throw one at them. That’s how. This dog is the perfect example.

image courtesy of CaptainCallahan/ Reddit

Take a glance at him, giving his all to snag that tiny treat—it’s quite a sight! The vet nailed capturing this precise moment perfectly. Moreover, it’s thoughtful of them to share this memory with the pup’s owner. No doubt, it must have been greatly appreciated.

The Foster Failure

As animal lovers, we have often wondered how vets can resist the temptation of simply adopting every adorable stray or rescue that comes their way. It mustn’t be easy, especially given that they get to know these guys a bit more than people who just pass them by the shelter.

image courtesy of mexi_nese/ Reddit

As it turns out, though, a lot of vets become failures at that. Not all of them can resist those adorable faces, and instead of just keeping them for a few weeks or months, they become their lifelong companion. Now, that’s the kind of failure we’re proud of.

Best Kitty Uniform

This clinic cat completely owns the vet clinic he’s in. How do we know that? Well, apparently, they put this shirt on him and now, he won’t let anyone take it off. He’s just determined to make it part of his sassy identity and it works!

image courtesy of yesimthatvalentine/ Reddit

With that shirt and that smug expression, he looks like the boss of the place. So can you blame the vets if they don’t have the heart to take it off him? They’ll probably even follow every order he gives just to appease the boss cat.

Doggo in Boots

We know that fur boots look great and comfy but who knew they would also look amazing on our pets? Just look at this little boy and his furry boots. Aren’t they quite the fashion statement for dog haircuts? 

image courtesy of KungFuGenius/ Reddit

This wasn’t planned as well. The vet simply needed to cut the hair off this pupper’s legs and ended up making a statement. As it seems, the pup’s owner and the vet didn’t seem to mind the look as well. It’s adorbs!

Hammie Checkup

When it comes to pets like hamsters, spiders, and all those other small creatures, we often wonder how vets go about them. We haven’t seen any specialized tools made for creatures of this size so how do they get checked up? This picture explains it all.

image courtesy of blek_blek/ Reddit

As it seems, vets use the same kinds of things for all creatures both big and small, and well, for the smaller ones, it just makes it all the more adorable. This little dude looks so surprised though. Understandably, stethoscopes can be cold at first touch.

Kitty Heaven

If you know someone who’s not fond of cats, show them this picture. If they still say that these creatures aren’t adorable or that they’re just “okay,” then you have a soulless being in front of you. Just look at their faces!

image courtesy of PloverLover/ Reddit

The fluff, the pure eyes, and those huge paws – how can anyone resist them? We’d simply need extra hands to pet them all. We’re pretty sure they delighted everyone at the vet clinic that day too. They deserve to be the highlight of everyone’s day.

Model Kitty

Some pets are just born to be models, you know. They’re the kind that gets photographed and put on billboards, posters, or vet clinic posts on social media. We’re not sure about this one kitty though. He has the looks but does he have that pizzazz?

image courtesy of PolyesterPantsuit/ Reddit

Apparently, the vet called the owner of this cat to ask if they could take a picture of him for marketing purposes. And this is what they got. It’s sad to say but this feline might be a little too out of it or might just not have it in him to be a model kitty.

Part Of The Check Up

Have you ever wondered what vets do in their downtime? We’d think it would be playing with the pets at the clinic. That’s absolutely what we’d do. And we’re not wrong. Vets do have a ton of fun with the clinic pets in their downtime.

image courtesy of Jakeglen97/ Reddit

Before you think that this is one of their patients though, don’t be alarmed. This pup is this vet tech’s sister’s pup so there’s no danger there or anything. We all wish we could do this at work and have our pets with us but we can only dream.

Very Big and Good Boy

Vets probably meet tons of dog breeds every week or so but we think there are just some dogs that are just astounding enough that no matter how many dogs you meet, they just take your breath away. This dog is one of those. 

image courtesy of BufordTeeJustice/ Reddit

Just look at the sheer size of that mammoth. His paw is as big as the vet’s feet. And let’s not even get started on his massive head. He also looks so behaved. No wonder she’s grinning ear to ear. It’s only once you get to meet giants like this. 

Big Boy And His Support Buddy

Even big boys sometimes need their best buds to help them feel safe, especially at the vets, just like this big softie here. The poor boy just looks terrified. But his support buddy is there to give him strength no matter what. 

image courtesy of coreyschafer/ Reddit

His face just tugs at the heartstrings. And we think the vets would be handling him in the most gentle way possible. There’s just no other kind of treatment that can be allowed for such good boys like this.

Once In A Lifetime

This is what you’d truly call a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Most of us only see these animals in the wild from the safety of our homes. And even if we get to see them in real life, most of us won’t want to see them this close. 

image courtesy of diagnostic_imaging_ve/ Instagram

When duty calls on a vet, they can’t refuse the call even if their patient is this huge, terrifying creature. No matter how scary it might be in the moment though, it also seems like such a rewarding experience. It’s a good party story too!

Yoda Cat

Cats come in all shapes and sizes, however, there are a select few that look so unique you won’t find any other feline that looks like them. This cat is one of those kitties. The combination of those large airplane ears and huge sad eyes just make one unique look.

image courtesy of mac_is_crack/ Reddit

If we were the vet taking care of this cat, we’d probably end up staring into the depths of its soul rather than doing our job. Those eyes just seem like they can read deep into your heart and offer you some sage advice pretty much like Yoda.

Must Escape!

Going to the vet can be a nerve-wracking experience for pets. Heck, even we humans get a little nervous when we have to go to the doctor. So, it’s completely understandable for our pets to get a little antsy when they realize where they’re headed. 

image courtesy of Firstleah/ Reddit

This pooch might’ve just let the nervous feelings get the best of him. And that might’ve been what gave him the energy boost to even get up to such a height. Hopefully, they have enough treats to bribe him down from there. 

Escape Artist

You’ll see many cats and dogs running into a corner and facing the wall in hopes that the vet won’t see them and they won’t have to go through their check-up. This cat, however, has a different strategy in mind…

image courtesy of catsbuttscats/ Reddit

This cat had already made an escape plan the minute they got inside the vet. Instead of the corner, they went straight for the trash hole, which we agree is a pretty smart move. Hopefully, the vets are equipped to catch this escape artist.

Smallest Cone Ever

Who would have imagined that the tiniest cone ever could bring such joy? We certainly didn’t expect it, but behold—our hearts are captivated! That is not a cone of shame; that is a cone of pure cuteness! Don’t you agree?

image courtesy of AnimalSpaceHospital/ Facebook

The little hamster is hilarious, too! Most creatures would be irritated if not bothered by the cone; however, the little guy is making the most of his situation. Look at him using that cone as his tiny plate for the things he’s stored up in his cheeks. Genius!


Chinchillas are ridiculously cute! Move over dogs and cats—these little guys redefine adorable. Cradling a chinchilla is like snuggling a fluffy, heavenly cloud. Just imagine being so lucky to be in its company and even getting to cuddle with it.

image courtesy of dr.zoltan/ Instagram

The sheer cuteness of this tiny furball is amplified by its name. Dubbed “Yuk Yuen” by its owner, which translates to “meatball” in Cantonese, the name perfectly suits this fluffy little creature. Plus, the addition of the hat just completes the adorable picture!

Worst Job Ever

Working as a vet involves enduring long hours, occasional drool, copious amounts of fur, and perhaps a bite every now and then. However, does this make it the most dreadful job imaginable? Judging solely from this image, we believe quite the contrary is true.

image courtesy of BowTieVetGuy/ Reddit

The job is tiring, and much like any other job, it has its own risks. However, we think that it is gratifying too. Knowing how thankful the pets that you’ve treated are with their licks or cuddles is more than enough.

The First Blep

Whenever a puppy is born, the gods smile. How could they not? These creatures are the very embodiment of innocence at that stage of their life. Sure, they’re bound to get in trouble; however, how can you resist that angelic face?

image courtesy of pediatriavet/ Instagram

It’s also the puppy’s first blip! This dog will have many incomparable moments in its life, but for the people around it, this is just something for the books. With that first blip, we can also already tell that this dog will grow up to have some fabulous expressions.

Owner Demands

Sometimes, when pet owners come into the vet, it’s not their pets needing help but them. And sadly, not many of them realize that. A certain pet owner apparently captured their dog’s breath in this bag and demanded the vets test the pet’s nutrition by that.  

image courtesy of GribblesNZ/ Facebook

It’s obvious that the vet holding the bag is just not having it. Some pet parents can be idiots sometimes, but this just takes the cake! How can they not realize how ridiculous their demand sounds? Has common sense left the place?


Many of us daydream about sneaking our adorable pets into our pockets and bringing them to work every day. Sadly, that’s still just a fantasy for most. Yet, behold this lucky guy living the dream! Check out his tiny pocket-sized kitty—talk about making pet dreams come true!

image courtesy of northfieldvet/ Facebook

Seems like that kitty is dishing out heaps of motivation to the vet! But seriously, how does this person manage not to be constantly sidetracked with that adorable ball of fur around? If it were any of us, we’d likely spend most of our day cuddling and goofing off with that charming cat!

Spicy Kitty

We love cat sass. It’s just natural on cats like they’re simply born with it. Most cats would usually choose the best opportunities to showcase this sass, though. For this kitty, it was at the vet. And for that, it got the space helmet treatment!

image couretsy of squigglydoodle/ Reddit

Let’s hope they get as far away from the vet as they can before they remove that helmet, though, because that cat looks like it’s ready to commit murder in retaliation for the atrocities committed against it. Its eyes are just so full of rage.


While some cats get the space helmet treatment, others get the burrito treatment. We guess the treatment depends on what murder weapon the cat prefers to use. The helmet is for those sharp teeth, while this burrito method is for the death mittens.

image courtesy of blackmesa010/ Reddit

By the look on this cat’s face, though, he looks more like a murderrito rather than a purrito. The little crazy cat looks like he’s carefully plotting every move he’ll make to get his revenge once he’s out of his little straight jacket.

Getting a Love Boop

Sometimes, the sweetness of an animal even shows up on their bodies, just like this pup. Do you see that sweet little heart on his nose? It completely suits the little guy, who we already know is a sweetie just by how behaved he looks.

image courtesy of hendo1685/ Reddit

If this dog was our pet, we’d have to train ourselves not to keep “booping” that adorable nose every chance we’d get. Then again, to compensate, we’d probably spend every cent we have on this pooch just to let it know how much we love it.

Hide and Seek

Is there a cat here? We don’t see anything. That’s just a shadow, we think, definitely not a cat. It’s just a cat-shaped shadow. That’s probably what this smart kitty wants us to think as it tries to escape its vet appointment.

image courtesy of itskaymay/ Reddit

While we applaud its valiant attempt and those sneaky ninja eyes, unfortunately, nothing escapes the vet. But it doesn’t hurt to let the cat think it has succeeded even a bit before its few minutes of torture (in its mind, at least).

The Good Dogtor

This is a very good dogtor right here. He heals the souls of the wounded and guides the sick to recovery. He will also probably tell you that you’re the best boy or girl on Earth if you need a little encouragement.

image courtesy of fatherlongleg/ Reddit

In all seriousness, however, this dog is absolutely one good boy! The vets at this clinic knew that he was good-natured, so they made him an honorary team member by putting a cap on him. Now, he looks like a proud member of the team indeed.


We wonder what runs through cats’ minds whenever their owner takes them to the vet. Do they think it smells too much like dog? Do they immediately start hatching up escape plans? Or do they think they can’t conquer the vets like they do their slave masters?

image courtesy of tiffanywebb87/ Reddit

Whatever it is, it’s pretty interesting seeing all the ways that they’re trying to hide themselves in plain sight at the clinic. At times, they can get pretty creative. Other times, they seem like they can do with a little bit of help, like this one.

Not “Emused”

Emus aren’t as aggressive as their cousins, the ostriches, but they’re still pretty large birds. And when they choose to be aggressive, you will run away from them in terror. Thankfully, a few cuddles prevented any of that terrorizing from this great emu.

image courtesy of alittlebitiffy/ Reddit

Apparently, Ernie the Emu wasn’t amused when he came out of his head CT. However, the vets knew that he just needed a little bit of love and warmth to calm that temper, and they were right. The bird looks to have just melted into her arms.


“All for one, one for all!” That seems to be the appropriate cheer for this adorable picture. The kittens seem to be in one league with their vet, and we can’t get enough of it. We only wish to get into the same club with our favorite felines.

image courtesy of SecretSloth810/ Reddit

This vet is definitely one lucky guy. Those kittens have put their trust in him, and with that, they’re also pledged that they will have his back no matter what. Not everyone gets that kind of loyalty out of cats.

Love Bleps

Puppy blips are magical things. If you haven’t had them yet, even once in your life, then you haven’t experienced the most magical thing ever. Once that blip touches you, everything immediately becomes right and warm in the world at that moment.

image courtesy of SeasDiver/ Reddit

Those blips are just such pure and innocent expressions of love that you can’t doubt them. We wonder if vets ever grow tired of them getting them day after day and not just from pups but from animals of all kinds. If it were us, we never will.

Taking Over The Vet

While some cats cower and hide in corners at the vet, this kitty decided to do just the opposite. He saw his chance on that man’s shoulders, or should we say head, and he decided to take it then and there.

image courtesy of DamnedLife/ Reddit

We’re pretty sure this kitty will grow up to be one ferocious cat who will lord over his house/ dominion and his master like the king of the jungle. He already has the vet under his paws, so why not the whole world?

Prettiest Receptionist Ever

Most of the time, being a good boy for dogs doesn’t stop even if they become a patient. This one, for instance, was just supposed to have a peaceful overnight stay at the vet, but since he looked lonely in his accommodations, the vet allowed him out.

image courtesy of veterinary_emergency_group/ Instagram

He was invited out to the front to help greet patients and customers, and he is just a natural at it. He probably just sat there and gave that “good boy look” like he was born with all the graces and the manners in the world.

Gauze Thief

You’ll always know when a cat wants something with all its soul. They simply will not let go of it. They will hold on to the item for dear life whichever way they can, whether with their paws or sharp, tiny teeth like this kitten here.

image courtesy of Pomeraniancat/ Reddit

Unfortunately for this kitty, the vets know all the magic buttons to push so that it’ll let go of the gauze. And once its strong little jaw is disabled, there’s pretty much little that it can do. Hopefully, it doesn’t set its eyes on anything else before leaving the clinic.

Pocket Antidote

Pups in the pocket are probably better than any kind of treatment or medicine for loneliness or burnout at work. Just the fact that they’re in your pocket already does scores to make someone better. Maybe that’s why a lot of vets love their job.

image courtesy of highvioletriot/ Imgur

If we could keep a puppy in our pocket, we’d probably love our jobs a lot, too. The hours won’t seem so long, and the work won’t seem too hard when you have a good boy to take your mind and heart away, right?

Cat Puddle

Cats are masters of disguises, especially when it comes to going to the vet. They will come up with the most creative ways to blend in with the background just to get away. Sadly, we only think their tactics work in their mind.

image courtesy of VoxDolorum/ Reddit

But, of course, as their human slaves, we all have to pretend that they’re master tacticians and that we actually can’t see them. This way, they won’t feel humiliated when we fish them out of their hiding places, just like this kitty here.

Danger Noodle Scan

Snakes are terrifying but fascinating creatures. Not many people really know how their bodies work exactly, but now that changes a little. Now, we know how its circulatory system in its long body looks like courtesy of this vet.

image courtesy of diagnostic_imaging_vet/ Instagram

It’s not a piece of information we’d actively be searching for on the internet, especially since, you know, snakes, but it is a fascinating one to learn. We pretty much didn’t know what to expect until we saw the picture. The more you learn, right?