When An Ostrich Falls In Love With You

By Divya G

It might sound pretty weird, but the next time you visit an ostrich ranch, there is a high chance that you might get hit on by one. Hey, don’t look all confused! Ostrich ranches are real, they do exist, and they are everywhere.

Source: @george-desipris / Pexels

Being raised by only humans (This is a normal procedure in ostrich farms) does have a massive impact on the disposition of these flightless and big birds. So, what exactly is this impact? Well, it’s that type of “impact” where birds believe that a human will certainly be a great “mate.”

Yeah, you read it right. Because of this reason, scientists were certainly called in to study this behavior. Charles Deeming, an ostrich expert, took his team to a ranch. He was pretty determined to learn whether or not these big birds were getting all fresh with their human handlers.

So, the scientists showed up at the ranch and created observation stations near the enclosures. These big birds were grouped with one male for every two females. The scientists made sure to keep themselves far away from their sight. They made other people walk by the enclosures to see how the animals responded or reacted.

The ostriches were pretty happy to see people – almost too happy. Both the male and the female ostriches solicited sex many times whenever the humans were close by. About 70% of these ostriches hit on humans when they were near their enclosure.

This was because the ostriches were raised by humans, which changed what these birds are attracted to. But the only exception among all the animals was a male ostrich that was raised in Africa and then was imported to the ostrich farm.

Source: @soubhagya23 / Pexels

He ignored all the humans, only paying them attention when they got too close to him. The ostrich also responds pretty aggressively if the humans get too close.

While it might sound wildly bizarre that ostriches can fall for humans, it only happens at these ostrich farms. So, the next time you visit an ostrich farm, be careful because they will have their eyes on you.