Why Mosquitos Buzz In Our Ears

By Anthony K

If you remain outdoors in the evenings, you will most likely hear some mosquitos buzzing around. Mosquitoes tend to like one area: The ears. There’s some reason why mosquitoes love the ears.

Image courtesy of Science ABC

First is that mosquitos tend to be attracted more to carbon dioxide and heat in the breath. The heavier a person’s breath is, the more carbon dioxide and heat they are likely to produce. Thus, if you are a heavy breather, then you are more likely to attract more mosquitos.

The second is that the face is the part of our bodies that is exposed most as we rarely cover it, thus offering an easy target for these bothersome creatures. Therefore, mosquitoes are not attracted exactly to our ears. They are generally attracted to the head.

Image courtesy of Live Science

Other factors that tend to attract mosquitos are blood type and dark clothing. Research has established that individuals who have blood type O tend to be more attractive to mosquitoes. These tiny creatures can tell the kind of blood an individual has, as most humans produce a secretion from which mosquitoes can tell one’s blood type. This is a fascinating fact!

The sound from these vital fluid suckers is always a nuisance. It is typically from their wings. They beat their wings so fast to the point of producing their characteristic buzzing sound. Both male and female mosquitos produce the buzz sound, but females produce a higher-pitched sound. Male mosquitoes tend to feed on nectar more, and thus it is rare to hear their buzzing sound. Most of the sound we hear is from female mosquitos.