Why You Should Stay Away From Cow Tongues

By Anthony K

Have you ever wondered where the phrase “cowlick” comes from? Believe it or not, it actually dates back to the late 1500s! While we usually use it to refer to a stubborn lock of hair, some cows don’t like being blamed for such things and decided to show us what real cowlicks are. Humans, cats, and even dogs now know what a cowlick truly is.

1. Hairstylist

If we were to guess, the cow is jealous because its human is giving attention to its farm-mate. So, how did it retaliate?

Image courtesy of Sampo Tukiainen/Twitter

Or, perhaps it just thinks that the guy didn’t brush his hair and was being a pal and cleaning it up for him.

2. Hello Kitty

We don’t usually hear about cats and cows interacting. Given cats’ behavior, we’d expect them to act like kings/queens of the farm, but this cow doesn’t fear its leader. Perhaps this indoor champ doesn’t interact enough with its four-legged friends.

Image courtesy of tdloader/Reddit

Cats have no problem licking themselves all day every day, but this cat doesn’t appreciate the cow’s help. It knows how to lick itself, and the cow just can’t get the right spots.

3. When You Meet At A Family Event

We love it when families get together. Whether it’s once a week, every other month, or only once a year, meeting up with your loved ones is always a special time. This scene may be familiar if you have taken approximately more than five years from family gatherings.

Image courtesy of Charlie_Hart/Reddit

Your aunts, cousins, and family friends will be scampering for your attention as each seeks to satisfy their curiosity concerning where you have been for the time you were away.