Woman Adopts Orphaned Baby Bison Into Her Family

By Gary G

Emmie Sperando, a self-professed wandering photographer, took on the remarkable journey of rescuing an orphaned baby bison, affectionately named Lucy, and providing her with a nurturing home by her side.
When a ranch offered Sperando the chance to adopt an orphaned bison, she eagerly accepted. Initially, Lucy’s spirited nature posed a challenge.

Source: emogoatmom/Instagram

Sperando reminisced about the early days, sharing how the young bison would playfully paw the ground and attempt to charge at her, unaware of her size and strength. Gradually, Lucy grew accustomed to human interaction, eventually integrating seamlessly into Sperando’s unique animal family, where she developed a special bond with Sperando’s dog, Johnny, and the rest of the crew.

Lucy faces formidable survival odds, and her resilience defies initial expectations. Sperando fondly recalled the uncertainty surrounding the bison’s chances of survival when she first arrived. Overcoming the initial hurdles, Lucy survived and thrived under Sperando’s devoted care.

Source: emogoatmom/Instagram

In March 2023, Sperando embarked on a cross-country move from Montana to Arizona, accompanied by her loyal entourage of three horses: a bison, a dog, and a cat. Her determination and commitment to caring for Lucy and her diverse animal companions exemplify a remarkable tale of compassion and devotion, showcasing the unbreakable bond between a compassionate caregiver and her cherished bison.