Woman Hatches A Duck from A Supermarket Egg After Following A TikTok Hack

By Stephen M

Do you believe in luck and coincidences? Have you tried out something that became successful even though didn’t expect a positive result? This is what happened to a woman who tried her luck by following a TikTok hack.

Adele Phillips, a resident of Port Talbot in Wales had a surprise new family member in the form of a duck after incubating an egg she bought from a supermarket. She had previously seen a TikTok video of a person hatching ducks from store eggs.

Photo credit: aphillipsx1

Eager to try that out, Adele purchased a box of duck eggs from the nearest supermarket. Out of the six eggs she placed in an incubator, one was fertile and that became Morris. Adele says after 30 days of hard work and maintenance, she had a lovely duckling. She named him Morris.

Speaking in an interview, Adele said she was inspired by the TikTok video and decided to give it a try. She bought the six eggs and placed them in an airing cupboard. She then purchased an incubator from Amazon, placed the eggs inside, and set it at 37.5 degrees. After 10 days, she did candling to check the fertility of the eggs, and thankfully, she had one fertile egg. Adele painstakingly followed all the instructions and on the final day, hatched a duckling.

Photo credit: aphillipsx1

Getting Morris a Friend

Photo credit: aphillipsx1

After successfully hatching Morris, Adele joined a Facebook group called Ducks and Chucks to learn more. Some people in the group recommended that she gets a friend for Morris to save him from loneliness and depression. As a result, she bought a Kaki Campbell duckling called Beryl from a pet shop to become Morris’s friend. The two birds are now bonding very well. Adele plans to get a shed and pond in her backyard as they grow. She currently keeps them in a brood box waiting for them to feather.